At Lei Three, we call our work “Architecture CG Art”.

We would like to express architecture CG as art.
Even a realistic and precise architecture CG can be artistic if we represent them with all our hearts.

These feelings have let us at Lei Three produce the words, “Architecture CG Art”.

“Lei” is a Hawaiian word for a “Garland”. Flowers, leaves, and seashells are strung together as well as the presenter’s feelings of honor and affection.
Lei Three will string together three important spirits to our lei.

Passion Kindness Gratitude
With passion to create great works
With kindness to collaborate with the recipients to visualize their needs
With gratitude for being able to continue creation everyday

A lei is given as a symbol of appreciation, and connection.
The garland of our partners, who have been involved in architecture CG creation, has gradually grown and now become a precious gift.

The architecture CG quality in Asia and the world is reaching very close to the stage of art.
Together with our partners in Japan, we hope to lead the Japanese architecture CG to achieve the top level until our “Lei” will be recognized by the world over.

Lei Three is determined to keep on trying.

Ake Tosh i

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