■ Kiyosato Laboratory+Gallery will open on April 2013.
Only Laboratory will open on Nov.2012.

■ NeFCA (Nefuka) Notice of the First Meeting Architectural VIZ ■ Exchange

The Tada CGTeam.
Shiwasu is not fast. Have become suddenly colder.
This morning, snow broke flickering.
During such, we plan to end the 2011 warm event.

NeFCA (Nefuka)

Mr. Tomita’s Next Picutre etymology of the organizers, Mr. Hayashida of fieldjam, Mr. Watanabe COMPUTER VISUALIZATION, taken from Tada ATAKIKAKU.

Says and what events are easy to exchange meeting Viz fun building officials (party) is.
Not only at the forefront for people to say that party, stood up from the concept that if 持Tere’s main forum for young creators in the future of the construction industry in the future Visualization.

■ 2011.12.27 19:30 Tuesday I ■ (Party but as time permits in progress, the way participation is OK)

■ ■ Location in ATAKIKAKU Co.
Building 2F Nishitokyo Konishi, Tokyo Tanashi-cho 4-20-12
The building to the right of the sign along the creek Seed Co. Ome Kaido.
Arriving by car: Parking is available in super Olimpic coins across the road diagonally opposite.
Arriving by train: 5 minutes walk from Seibu Shinjuku Line Tanashi. Seibu Shinjuku Station, about 20 minutes by express train from the station Takada Baba. Please use the local express or necessarily express.
Tel :042-461-7733 charge: red Fujii

■ 3000 yen fee ■ (meal – buffet and drinks – red and white wine, beer, soft drinks – including, OK to bring more!)

How to Apply ■ 12/22 ■ (Thursday) from our Web site contact form by noon
Please send us mention above and wish to attend NeFCA.
Limited number and we will not be sorry, Please do not sign up soon.
In addition, there is room may also apply after deadline. If you wish to apply after the deadline, I would appreciate contact you by phone, including the day of confirmation.

■ Eligibility Visalization those involved in construction ■, industry officials, who loves the CG building!

We have four people gathered in a certain wine or a few times a year, the CG was talking passionately about building a glass in one hand.
During such as heart and young people responsible for the CG industry for future gatherings like this, or exchange provided the information that you have we do not put them to the offer of a place go to expand the horizontal connections, The project began with hope.

Says the hot and the day is served in a convenient form to take the party to interact freely with one hand a glass.
And! We ask them to plan the seminar very interesting as a memorial to Mr. Tomita and Mr. Hayashida First NeFCA.
In addition, 3dsMax, V-ray, Maxwell, will prepare a three-machine and other moves.
We exchange information while messing with you.

We want to be something 作Rere work in time for the first time we also NeFCA.
Also, I would appreciate everyone can share their work you will be attending.

We apologize for the trouble of going somewhere where is your little sister out of the center of Tokyo can not offer free in our ATA specification, we are planning a fun place We want to let the minutes turned to food and drink.
Also chose to hold the office and think if you look really well construction site of CG production.

We are looking forward to seeing the organizer.
I hope you feel free to join us.


Sponsor Profile —- —-

Tomita K.
KK Next Picture, ARCHITECTS.
Taisei Design Division belongs to the years 2007-1990, the architect Hiroshi Hara said project leader in the presentation Gr, with many projects including Toyo Ito, and CG Director on large projects such as international design competition project participate as a designer. Appointed director of the Institute of Future Technology Architecture Visualization Center Inc. in 2008. From 2009 to now independent.
Visiting Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Kyoto University in 2006. Talk architectural visualization, and many authors.


Go yuan Hayashida
fieldjam representative
This year I work many of the interior is CG. We are also manufacture components for joinery manufacturer’s software with BIM.
In addition, the 3D model structure calculations outdoor sculpture, also made reference to the task of creating models.
This is the day, I would like to show you how to create a reference point by using the [Autodesk MatchMover].


Kenji Watanabe
Engaged in the production of CG as Richard Rogers and Olympic primarily in London until 2008, then president of the COMPUTER VISUALISATION then return home.
CG creating architectural design studio based organizations as diverse as general contractor firm. Winning the competition is mobilized to keep 80% more.


Chu Tada interest
Captain ATAKIKAKU CGTeam Ltd
After graduating from the School of Architecture and Design in Vancouver, Canada, and drawings translate to practice in the design office of CG production for local clean air. ATA standards established limited company with his brother after returning first-class architects.
Lectures widely to practice writing instructor CG · CG architectural design. First Prize at the Autodesk Visualization Contest 2007, in 2008 he received the fourth in the CG department building. In 2010 he was awarded the Jury Prize Makoto Furuya chapter. V to the spindle 3ds Max-ray, mental ray, CG artists manipulate Maxwell. Dog lovers.

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December 2011

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