We treat your personal information directly or indirectly in the Company (the “Personal Information”) and recognizes the importance of, and the important issues of our business activities to properly handle personal information Establish protection as follows. In addition, all employees are aware of this responsibility, we will work to protect personal information.

■ For the collection and use of personal information
If we can provide us with personal information, to clarify that the purpose of collection, done by lawful and fair means upon obtaining the consent of the customer. Also, if you want to use the personal information is used only within the scope of its purpose.

■ Why collect personal information
The hiring policies contact us, we collect your personal information to the extent necessary to help us for our support.

■ Personal Information Management
Our personal information entrusted to us, along with a strict security measures to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of personal information, loss, alteration, continuously review the system, unauthorized access of information loss, misuse, as well as continue to prevent modification, we are continuing education and enlightenment activities for all employees.

Provision of personal information to third parties ■
We have a responsibility to manage the personal information you provide in no way provided to any third parties unless you have a valid reason or if you agree to our customers.

■ For inquiries from customers
We established contact to inquiries, if you wish to correct or delete your personal information query corresponds to the extent reasonably quickly.

■ Compliance with laws
We will faithfully comply with relevant laws and other norms for the protection of personal information.

■ Review of privacy compliance program
We conduct continuous review and improve privacy compliance program, we are in a better way of handling and managing personal information.

■ Contact
Inquiries about our protection of personal information, please contact us.
ATA specification Co.
Tsuyoshi Tada and CEO

■ Revision of this policy
We are, in order to further protect personal information may change without notice Privacy policy and changes with the enactment or law. Please be forewarned. The contents of the Privacy Policy shall apply after the date of posting on our Web site.

That are linked from our Web site ※, and content standards in the handling of personal information in third-party Web sites, we are not responsible.

Enacted June 01, 2007
ATA specification Co.
Tsuyoshi TADA and CEO

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December 2011

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