We want to create a work of “Architecture CG Art”, which amazes people.
By CG Art, we can recapture a scene in a dream or an image that comes to mind.
The challenges of pursuing these visions have begun at Lei Three.
Lei Three creates a beautiful representation of space and things, works of designers and architects.
A range of subjects includes objects, furniture, as well as space actually exists, ideas floating in mind, imaginary sight, and realistic portrayal of unrealistic vision…

A creation is carried out based upon the accumulated know-how, and also emphasis of the sense and own feel of the experienced artists.

We begin the process based on the prearranged plan, but sometimes the right “answer” just pops up along the way of creation.
For instance, we might alter an angle, because we decide to show different object, add or eliminate a part. Consequently, we select another way of showing.
At Lei Three, we want to share all thoughts with clients, and work together to create the CG Art.

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